The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible will use the following SBL fonts: Hebrew—SPTiberian; Greek—SPIonic; transliteration—SPAtlantis.

These fonts are available for download: click here.

The file FONTS.ZIP contains the following HTML font help files with keyboard layouts:

and the following Macintosh-compatible fonts:

and the following PC-compatible (Windows) fonts:

To install the fonts on your Windows-based computer:

  1. Extract the fonts from the ZIP archive file. (This is generally accomplished by double-clicking the archive file to open it in your computer's native archive program and selecting "extract" from the toolbar of that program.)
  2. Open the control panel.
  3. Click the FONT icon.
  4. On the font window that opens up, click FILE and select INSTALL NEW FONT.
  5. Next, navigate to the new font.
  6. Highlight the font(s) to be installed, click the COPY FONTS TO FONT FOLDER box and then click INSTALL.

To install the fonts on your Macintosh computer:

  1. Extract the fonts from the ZIP archive file.
  2. Drag the font suitcases onto your closed system folder. You'll be asked if you wish to put the suitcases in your fonts folder, so click on "Yes". (If you are not prompted, you may be using a pre-7.0 operating system, and you must double-click on the system folder to open it, then drag the suitcases into the "Fonts" folder manually.)